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Deletes Users Immediately After Second Reminder

Posted: Sat 14. Nov 2020, 11:25
by Mike-on-Tour
YoOoster posted an issue on GitHub on November 13, 2020:

I've set my settings that a user can be deleted 15 days after the second reminder but it seems to do it immediatly after the second reminder.

The pictures provided (admin log showing second reminder mail sent and user deleted at the same time) support the alleged behaviour during automatic reminding and deletion. Since I have no clue what the reason might be I have changed the sequence in which users are reminded and deleted in order to avoid checking for users to be deleted right after they have been reminded the second time.
Since it is not clear what version was used I prepared two versions of the script doing the automatic reminding and deleting,
one for Userreminder 1.2.1:
(1.92 KiB) Downloaded 51 times

and one for Userreminder 1.3.x:
(2.36 KiB) Downloaded 53 times

Please unzip the correct version and copy it via FTP to the ext/mot/userreminder/event directory overwriting the existing file.

Re: Deletes Users Immediately After Second Reminder

Posted: Mon 16. Nov 2020, 10:50
by Mike-on-Tour
YoOoster on GitHub:
YoOoster wrote:Mon 16. Nov 2020, 03:40I recently copied over my forum from an vps to a dedicated server. After posting here and upgrading my extensions to the latest versions it seemed to break another extension that was using time/timezone. I had to manually set my server and php.ini file to the correct timezone to fix that extension and afterwards yours was fixed as well.

So either:
It was fixed by updating to 1.3.1.
It was fixed by changing server & php time/timezone settings.

I didn't used your edited files.

Since this routine hasn't changed from 1.2.1 to 1.3.x it is my guess that changing the settings on your server fixed the problem.
Issue closed.